SIMCITY 5City-building game – is a computer game in which the simulated control of the city, especially its construction. Usually refers to the economic strategy. In games of this kind are usually no specific purpose, on reaching which the game ends; the goal is the process of resettlement of the city. To this genre can also be indirectly attributed various simulators colonies, space stations and prisons. From other genres of computer games town-planning simulator distinguished by the following elements:

  • the main aim of the game is to create a strong urban economy, improve the quality of capital facilities, ensuring a high standard of living in the city, good transport infrastructure, etc .;
  • the process of the game can continue even after the target is a particular scenario or campaign;
  • the concept of indirect control, in most games, the player can not directly give commands to the characters (people of the city or customers);
  • instead focuses on addressing global and logistics tasks: planning districts, the decision to appoint (like buildings) each diverted for development territory, maintaining fiscal policy, concern for the ecology of the city, etc.;
  • despite the fact that in a number of games in this genre included military elements, the focus is always given to the economy (destruction of the enemy is not one of the goals of the game).

SimCity 5 – is a computer game in the genre of “town-planning simulator” is to restart the popular series of games SimCity. The official announcement was made oat 6 March 2012. The game was released March 5, 2013 in the US. November 12, 2013 came addition «SimCity. Cities of the Future» that changes gameplay and adding new buildings. After playing SimCity becomes clear that govern the city – is incredibly hard work, even if it does not involve threats and corruption. SimCity regularly puts the player in front of an agonizing choice. What to do: close the school, close the current tram depot or completely leave the city without electricity? In comparison with the original game SimCity 1993 the version of 2013 became a little easier, but at the same time – much deeper. A huge role in this was played by the new system of visual information maps that you can always know where in the city congestion, which buildings are not supplied with electricity or even abandoned, where the wind blows – and a lot of these pieces. All of these diagrams allow understanding the rather complicated ecosystem. Here, for example, the epidemic. In the houses people choral cough, the most persistent old woman are walking for days, just to get to the doctor – and this despite the fact that you have recently built a new garage of “ambulance”. The reason, as it turned out, it may be a small capacity of urban roads, that you created by building too many streets (cheap, but close) and too little – prospectuses (broad and expensive). Charts and graphs allow you to fully appreciate how complex ecosystem works inside the new SimCity. If you dig deeper then you will see that in the hands of a virtual mayor are not so much tools: you can lay roads, to mark a place for industrial, residential and business districts, as well as to build office buildings and enrich their functional extensions. Houses and factories are building by the citizens, communications are routed without your participation, but no one step of the mayor does not remain without consequences. And, just like in real life, these effects manifest themselves immediately, often – when it’s too late to change anything. Here are a couple of instructive examples: due to the fact that the waterworks located near coal plants, the population is sick all the time and distracting. And, say, the construction of nuclear power plants may result another Chernobyl, if you forget to build this university and in the city there are no experts. All these relationships, simple and complex, affect the appearance of the city, if you’re a bad mayor in the parks will gather the homeless, and the walls of abandoned houses will be painted. While decent mayors have rosy bourgeois are strolling among the shining skyscrapers and clean bakeries. The transition from one extreme state to another can occur several times in a single game session: SimCity main lesson is that you cannot rest on your laurels ever. Another simple example, it is assumed that every city has one or more specializations – there are industrial and cultural centers, the city of casinos and shopping giants (every branch having its own set of special features of buildings and their construction of infrastructure). Despite the numerous inconsistencies and technical problems, the new SimCity – is incredibly addictive game that you will want to learn and want to experiment with that. In addition, it is the only town-planning simulator, which can squeeze out of a player a huge range of real emotions – from joy to anger.

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